Mackville on list of post offices that could be closed

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By Geoff Hamill


Mackville is one of many post offices across the country that could be closed.
The United States Postal Service announced Tuesday that it will conduct studies of about 3,700 retail offices, including the one in Mackville, to determine customer needs.

Needs have changed in recent years, with many post office transactions being conducted online and within retail stores, according to a news release from the postal service.
More than 35 percent of the postal service’s retail revenue comes from expanded access locations, such as grocery stores, self-service kiosks, automated teller machines and usps.com, according to the release.
“Our customers’ habits have made it clear that they no longer require a physical post office to conduct most of their postal business,” Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said in the release.
When asked about the possible closing, Mackville Postmaster Katrina Whitis said she was instructed by her supervisor to not comment on the issue.
Some Mackville residents, however, did have comments to share.
Joyce Powell said she doesn’t like to think of losing the local post office for the Mackville community.
“We’re all just disturbed that it’s going to be closed,” Powell said. “We live eight or nine miles from the nearest post office, and it will be a lot of travel for us to go if we need to mail something by hand, like packages. When you take the post office away, it takes a big part of the community, like when they decided to take away our school. It makes the community go down, and it’s not thriving as it was. It’s a bad situation all the way around.”
Powell said she is also concerned with the security of a regular mail box, versus the safety of a post office box.
“With a mail box, you never know who is going to be getting your mail. I’m a little leery about putting anything much in there you don’t want somebody to get,” she added.
David Walton, a spokesperson with the U.S. Postal Service out of its Louisville office, said there are several factors considered when a post office such as Mackville is placed on the list and considered for closing.
“What we look at is their revenue and expenditures, their workload and foot traffic, as well as the proximity to other post offices,” Walton explained. “We also look at alternate access, meaning can they access the postal service in other ways than the post office.”
Walton said the alternate ways for accessing postal services include the Internet, as well as a rural carrier. He said rural carriers can offer many of the services a post office can offer.
Walton added that the timetable for a decision on closing Mackville and other Kentucky post offices being considered is four to six months, and he said he does not expect any post offices to close before December.