Make it stop!

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By Brandon Mattingly

OK, I’ll say it. I’m sick of this weather!

Outlandish claim, I know. I’m sure I’m only the two-dozenth person you’ve heard declare that since the arrival of the new year, but come on, there seems to be no end to this winter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big a fan of snow as the next person and it’s made for some great photos over the past few months (You can find a few on page A16, by the way). I also still hang on to an affection for the snow from my childhood thanks to it being the leading cause in canceled school days. Even then there was only so much I could take, though.

I remember one year in particular having an endless amount of snow days, and trust me, we knew exactly how many of those were “freebies” before we’d have to start making them up. Even as a middle-schooler, you’re able to reason that you’d rather not trade in the end of May and possibly even early June for a few days off in weather you can’t really enjoy for more than a couple of days.

This winter feels like it has reached that point and then some. I mean, the mixture of snow, ice and rain started in November and doesn’t seem like it’s so much as taken a week off since.

The conversations are similar every week: “You hear about the snow coming in on Saturday?”

“Yeah, but that’s nothing on what they said we’ve got coming on Monday.”

It’s been a rotating door of winter storms and meteorologists have said there could be more to come over the next month. Yippee!

Maybe last year spoiled me—or us (you’re tired of this winter too, admit it)—with 60-degree days in January and as ice-free a winter as I can recall. But Mother Nature certainly made up for herself this year and then some.

That’s not to say we haven’t been lucky.  We haven’t had the power-outage enducing blizzard of 2003 or the destroy-everything-in-its-path ice storm of 2009 that actually displaced families for a few days. The big one, damage-wise, hasn’t hit this year and I’m ready to move on to spring before it does. This steady two- or three-month thumping has been more than enough, thank you.

A wind chill in the negatives has become the norm, and it in fact sits at -2 degrees as I wrap this column up. As much as everyone freaked out when we started to see negatives in January, I can’t say I’ve enjoyed “getting used” to these freezing temperatures since.

I hear we can expect a touch of snow on Friday, but temperatures—brace yourselves—are supposed to rise into the 50s for much of next week, even topping out at 61 on Thursday. I’ll be taking advantage of that, no question.

What lies beyond that? Who knows. Kentucky might return to being a frozen tundra for a couple of weeks, as it’s been for a while now, or maybe we’ll finally start seeing signs of a transition to spring.

I’m really hoping spring is right around the corner, or is that too much to ask?