Male breast cancer awareness

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By Louise Yates

Hi, my name is Louise Yates and I am a local resident of Washington County.
I have been on a mission for three-and-a-half years to spread my late husband’s dream.
Ronnie was a resident of Washington County all his life, 60 years, and knew many of you. He was a very devoted Catholic and loved his church.
He loved his family and he was a very devoted father to his son, Anthony.
In June 2000, Ronnie was diagnosed with male breast cancer-a very rare disease in men.
He was determined to fight this with all his heart and he did.
After being given a diagnosis of invasive and very aggressive cancer, he was given six months to one year to live.
Ronnie was determined to prove everyone wrong. He knew he could either give up or fight like hell, and he chose to fight like hell.
He underwent many treatments and was very sick, but he kept on going.
When Ronnie died, I lost my husband and best friend, Anthony lost his dad and best friend.
Ronnie was half my heart and that piece of the puzzle is gone and  no other will fit.
I ask you all to please listen to your bodies. If something is wrong, get checked. All you men out there remember, yes, men get breast cancer and men die from breast cancer.
I have many friends, a wonderful church family, a loving pastor and his wife, a wonderful priest friend and I have over 3,000 friends on Ronnie’s web page to help me each day.  
I have several pages on the Internet for our dear Ronnie and have saved many lives through it. Please, if you have Internet go to these pages: Ronniesdream@yahoo.com, male breast cancer awareness, Ronnie’s Dream.
They all are in memory and honor of Ronnie. I promised to keep his memory alive and I will keep that promise as long as I can.
Anthony also has a site called “Life without Dad,” where he shares his feelings.
Why am I  writing this piece today? Because if we can save one life through Ronnie, our reward has been met. Please take the time to help the men in your life have a chance. Life is a one-way street, you only get one chance.