Man charged with terroristic threatening, assault

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A Campbellsville man was arrested by Springfield City Police for multiple counts of terroristic threatening and assault on May 15 after an incident on KY 555. 

Mark A. Mattingly, 304 Howard St. in Campbellsville, was arrested for 13 counts of third-degree terroristic threatening, two counts of third-degree assault against members of EMS, fire or rescue squad and two counts of third-degree assault against a probation or police officer. 

Mattingly was arrested for DUI by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on the same date for the same incident. 

According to a police report from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Mattingly was traveling north on a motorcycle on KY 555, bumped into the rear bumper of a truck in front of him and then pulled out to pass the truck, traveling on the wrong side of the road. 

Mattingly then hit the grass, traveling 90 feet before losing control of the motorcycle. The motorcycle then slid on its side for approximately 120 feet before stopping, according to the police report. 

- A Springfield man is facing various charges from the Springfield City Police related to an incident on May 22 on Mayes Creek Road in Willisburg.

Kyle Burkhead, 141 Mackville Hill in Springfield, is charged with fleeing or evading police in a motor vehicle, first-degree wanton endangerment against a police officer, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs (third offense), failure of non-owner operator to maintain insurance, reckless driving, disregarding a stop sign, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, failure to illuminate head lamps and no tail lamps. 

A vehicle worth $3,000 was stolen and recovered (undamaged) as a result of the incident. 

The case is still listed as open. Officer Brandon Teater is the reporting officer. 

- A Springfield man is facing various charges from Springfield City Police after an incident at 203 Plainview Court on May 23. 

Paul C. Borders, Jr., of 115 Lebanon Hill in Springfield, was charged with third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving, harassing communications and second-degree wanton endangerment. 

The case is still listed as open. Officer A.J. Lewis, Jr. is the reporting officer. 

- Springfield City Police are investigating a case of second-degree forgery that was reported on May 3. 

The case is still listed as open. Officer Paul O’Bryan is listed as the reporting officer. Anyone with information on this case or any other case is encouraged to call (859) 336-5450. Callers can remain anonymous. 

- Springfield City Police worked two injury accidents last week, one on May 16 and one on May 19. Victims were transported to Spring View Hospital in Lebanon on both occasions. 

On May 19 at around 1:04 p.m., an accident occurred at KY 555 and Industry Drive. 

According to the police report, Mary H. Blosser of Springfield was going east on Industry Drive, across KY 555, when she pulled out in front of Heather F. Burns of Springfield, who was going north on KY 555.

Burns told police there was nothing she could do because Blosser pulled out in front of her. 

On May 16 at around 2:45 p.m. at the intersection of Main Street and Commercial Avenue, a multiple-vehicle accident occurred. 

According to the police report, Ashlee M. Downs of Willisburg told police that she was following some one and thought Joan F. Harrell, of Bardstown, was turning because the right turn signal was activated. 

Downs’ passenger also told police that Harrell’s turn signal was on. 

Harrell told police that she was driving straight ahead when Downs pulled out in front of her. 

Harrell also said she was surprised another oncoming vehicle didn’t hit her, as well. 

 Officer Tony Golden said in the police report that neither vehicle had an active turn signal when he arrived.