Man with Springfield ties arrested in Bardstown recently

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By Special to The Sun


Taylor Pettit
Landmark News Service

A reported attempt to attack one person turned into a crowd estimated at 100 to 200 people and ended in several arrests recently on McGowan Avenue in Bardstown.
Bardstown Police Maj. Ray Lewis said a group of men walked into the area around 7:30 p.m. planning to attack one individual, but the plan “went haywire.”
Lewis said the fight started when a group of men tried to find him at his family’s home.
“That’s when they went out to defend the boy,” Lewis said.
The identities of the group of men and the individual they were looking for remain unclear to police.
Officers arrived on scene to a crowd blocking the street, with cars and people “everywhere,” Lewis said.
Police said their first goal was to stop any aggressors, and they spotted one fight between two men.
Tyrone Isaac “Ike” Johnson, 41, Lebanon, formerly of Springfield, was arrested for second-degree assault when police said they saw him beating another man with a baseball bat.
“When we arrived and saw Ike with the baseball bat he was our priority,” said Bardstown Police Officer Andrew Riley, who arrived first on scene.
Riley said Johnson was detained and Nelson County EMS was called for bleeding from Johnson’s forehead. The man who was allegedly being beaten by Johnson got up and ran away through the crowd.
As of now, Riley has been unable to find out who the man is.
“If he comes forward we would be more than willing to offer him assistance,” Riley said. “He’s the victim of assault.”
As police started to arrive in the area, Officer Nathan Phillips said most of the crowd calmed down and started to disperse.
“Not everybody was being rowdy,” Phillips said. “Once we arrested the few we did, everyone started calming down. There definitely could have been more arrests.”
In total, five additional arrests were made.
Lance Martel Calbert, Bardstown, was arrested for third-degree terroristic threatening and menacing.
Demorrio Leggett, 22, Collins, was arrested for second-degree disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.
Quintrey Cochran, 20, Bardstown, was arrested for second-degree hindering prosecution.
Brant Sheckles, 22, Berlin, was arrested for second-degree disorderly conduct and third-degree criminal mischief.
Phillips said he arrested Sheckles for continuing to walk toward a confrontation after he told him not to.
But once Sheckles was cuffed and placed in the car, the officers were called back to McGowan Avenue for another fight. Once Phillips got out of the car, he said Sheckles kicked out the back windshield, resulting in the criminal mischief charge.
At the time of the event, Lewis said multiple calls were made to dispatch, including one that said a handgun was present.
But Riley said there was no handgun. He said he estimated there were five weapons in total besides the baseball bat. The other weapons included large sticks and broken chair legs.
Nelson County Sheriff’s Dep. Ramon Pineiroa, who was also on scene, said canes were used as weapons, as well.
At the time police were first dispatched, only two officers were available, Riley said. All other officers were on North Third Street handling a motorcycle fatality.
The crowd started to disperse, but Riley said with only two officers, it was daunting.
“The crowd was large and they were starting to turn on us,” Riley said. “There were sticks being thrown and racial slurs coming out. As soon as we would break it up another fight would start in a side yard.”
Johnson reportedly told police many of the people involved were relatives.
Riley said he felt the anger of the crowd.
“I personally feel it was on the verge (of becoming a riot),” Riley said. “The crowd was turning hostile.”
Riley said one juvenile was also arrested, but he was released back to his family.