Man wants county-wide cleanup to continue

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

The annual spring roadside junk pickup in Washington County is a great benefit to area residents. Once a year we get a great opportunity to clean out barns, fields, garages and homes.  The county gets access to recyclable metals that can be sold to help recover collection costs.

    Recently we began putting out some old, metal fencing that we pulled from overgrown areas of our farm. It has been there for years and interferes with farming operations and wildlife activities. Naturally, we feel fortunate to have a way to get rid of it.

    Unfortunately, the economic recession could threaten this much needed service.  Government services are being curtailed at all levels to save money.  Rumor has it that Washington County officials are debating whether this service will continue.

    Supporters of this program would do well to call 336-5410 and urge county leaders to keep the program alive this spring.

John Schenkenfelder,