Mattingly recounts playing career littered with wins

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By Brandon Mattingly


Were you a football-only guy at WCHS or did you play multiple sports? What positions?
I played football and baseball while at WCHS. I played linebacker and running back in football and center field in baseball. I played from 1994-1998.

Do you have any memorable moments from your playing career that stick out?
I have a bunch of great memories and awesome moments. A few that come to mind right off was my junior year, when we were playing Fort Knox at their place. They had the No. 1 ranked offense in the state and we had the No. 1 ranked defense in the state. I think we had six shutouts that year. The environment down there was awesome and the game was for the district title. The stands were packed with fans, however, during those days all the soldiers were on the base and they had a whole section where they stood and chanted the whole game. We ended up losing 14-6, but it was one of the greatest games I had the opportunity to play in. Another great memory was going undefeated my senior year and winning the district championship. We finished the year 11-1. Yet another great moment was the night I broke the stolen base record in baseball. It was a pretty big deal because Bernard Smalley, whom everyone knows, had held the record for 19 years, I think. Bernard had them stop the game and he brought a base out with the new record on it. It was a great moment.

How well did you enjoy your time at Georgetown and what did you accomplish as a player and as a team while there?
Georgetown was an unbelievable experience. I was blessed to be part of a great time in Georgetown football history (1999-2002). I was a backup strong safefy as a freshman and started my next three years and I was a captain as a junior and senior. During the time I was there we went 53-3 as a team. We won four conference titles and played for four national championships, winning two of them. 
Have you had any involvement in sports since you left Georgetown?
I coached one year at Georgetown after graduating. However, then I took some well-needed time away from football and started a family with my wife, Amanda. I just didn’t feel God was directing my life toward football at that point in my life. However, after lots of prayer, I received a phone call from Coach (Eric) Sagrecy last spring and decided to accept a position with WCHS.  It has been an unbelievable experience and a great decision. We have a great, close-knit staff and awesome players. Coaching has been an adjustment for me, but it has been very rewarding in so many ways.  I have learned through age that God used football in my life to help model me into who I am today and I am so thankful to Him for it. I feel like He was calling me last year to give back to others some of things that football had done for me.
What have you been doing since your playing career came to an end? Do you have any big future plans?

I got married upon graduation from Georgetown to Amanda Spalding Mattingly. We lived in Georgetown for four years, where I taught kindergarten and first grade. We moved back to Springfield following the birth of our son, Isaiah, and we now have a daughter, Anna Kate. I have been teaching second grade at North Washington Elementary since moving back.  As far as big future plans, I will leave it in God’s hands and see where He takes me. I have been blessed beyond my years.