More city properties added to National Historic Register

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By Brandon Mattingly

A section of Main Street in Springfield was recently added to the National Register as a historic district.

Properties from roughly Commercial Avenue to College Street, and from McCord and High Streets to East Depot Street are included in the historic register.
Springfield was one of two locations in Kentucky to be listed on the register last month, along with several properties on Main Street in Harrodsburg.
The listing does not require anything of owners, and according to Nell Haydon, director of Springfield Main Street/Renaissance, the new classification could potentially benefit property owners.
“There are no restrictions. You can do anything you want to your property,” she said. “It does have some financial incentives, if you wanted to restore your property to be historically accurate you could qualify for historic tax credits and state tax credits.”
She added that property owners could alter the outside of the property to be more historically accurate, while modernizing the interior, and still receive the tax credits, which could entice owners to restore their historic site.
“We want to make people aware that these properties are on the national register, and there are financial incentives if they want to restore their homes,” Haydon said.
Rehabilitation to depreciable property could return as much as 40 percent  of the rehab cost - 20 percent in investment (federal) tax credit, and 20 percent in home-owner’s (state) tax credit. Non-depreciable (private) property can return as much as 30 percent in home-owner’s tax credit.
Aside from having a potential financial benefit for property owners, the research behind the nomination provides a closer look at the history of each property.
Haydon said there were close to 130 properties listed in Springfield’s historic district, and she and Jennifer Ryall, a surveyor from the University of Kentucky, logged the detailed history behind each one.
Hayden praised Ryall’s work, and said it’s important to remember the history of the community.
“We actually have a written record of the significant properties along this corridor now,” she said. “It helps us a lot in just keeping our history alive.”
Marty Perry, National Register Coordinator for the Kentucky Heritage Council, said the listing emphasizes how much history is rooted in Springfield, and how important the community’s past still is.
“The main thing that National Register listing does, is that it confirms what you already know: that Springfield is a special place, a place with a history that is valuable, and that surrounds the people in town,” he said.
He added that the nomination will help people in the community that want to know more about Springfield’s past to take notice to things they hadn’t before.
“It helps people to recognize something that they otherwise pass daily,” Perry said. “The best nomination forms humanize us by putting us in greater touch with who we are, where we came from.”
To find out if your property is included in the National Register, contact Nell Haydon by phone at (859) 336-5412 ext. 2 or by e-mail at springren2001@yahoo.com.
For more information, visit www.ky.gov/agencies/khc/national_register.htm, or contact Marty Perry at (502) 564-7005 ext. 132, or at marty.perry@ky.gov.