New bypass showing progress

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By Nick Schrager

It might look like the work is almost done to passersby, but the bulk of the work on the new bypass connecting highways KY 150 at KY 555 with US 150 west of St. Catharine is really just getting started.


While crews are busy moving dirt and rocks from the path of the new road, officials say things are still on schedule to wrap up as originally planned.

“Right now, they are still moving materials to construct the road bed, and they’re working day and night,” said Chad Filiatreau, transportation engineering supervisor for Washington, Nelson and LaRue counties with the Kentucky Department of Transportation. “The night shift work will probably end in another week or so, and they will get down to doing the final grading and putting ditches in, but this time of year, the weather is hit or miss.”

Filiatreau said the next work the public will see will come mainly in April, and will include some paving operations on both KY 55 (Bloomfield Road) and KY 528 (Lincoln Park Road) where two new bridges are being constructed. He said the approaches to the bridges will have to be paved, and traffic is expected to be using those bridges sometime in mid-May.


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