No WC arrests on ‘Black Friday’

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By Brandon Mattingly

In what the Kentucky State Police said was the largest one-day drug round-up in agency history, 479 people across the state were arrested on Friday of last week.

The arrests, resulting in 774 charges, were part of ‘Operation Black Friday.’
According to a press release from the KSP, the initiative utilized “every available sworn unit within the agency” and was the “direct result of law-abiding citizens providing tips via phone calls, messages, letters and information to the anonymous tip lines.”

According to the release, most of the arrests were of “low-level” offenders.

“Citizens are tired of perpetual offenders…disrupting neighborhoods and participating in other criminal mischief,” said Rodney Brewer, KSP commissioner. “While many of the arrests today are low-level targets, it is very probable that we will obtain information from them that will lead to arrests of more significant dealers and drug operations.”

Prescription drugs, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine were among the most common drugs found during last week’s arrests.

“While legislation regarding pharmaceuticals (prescription drugs) has had a positive impact in Kentucky, heroin is now an increasing problem across the state,” Brewer said. “Our arrest data (from DESI Branch) is showing a 200 percent increase in heroin-related arrests since 2012.”

While none of the 479 arrests took place in Washington County, some surrounding counties were not so fortunate.

Arrests in nearby counties:
Jessamine - 22
Taylor - 19
Marion - 11
Boyle - 7
Nelson - 6
Casey - 4

The KSP provided information to anonymously report information, including 1-800-DOPE-TIP (a toll-free tip line). Also, to find out about the ‘Text a Tip’ program, visit www.kentuckystatepolice.org/pdf/text_a_tip_sheet.pdf.