Oh, the rumors

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By Jesse Osbourne


For the past week or so, several people have approached me in the following way: “I heard a nasty rumor about you. Is it true?”

Of course, I knew what they were talking about. But I chose to feign ignorance.
“Rumor? What did you hear?”
Then the person would tell me that they heard I took a new job.
“Oh, yes. That dirty rumor is true,” I would say.
Now, the people that have approached me in this way are on friendly terms with me. I’m sure some folks that I’ve come in contact in the last two years are happy to hear that the rumor is true.
To those folks, I say boo.
But, yes. The rumor is true. I have taken a different job.
My last day as editor of The Springfield Sun is Dec. 31. My first day at St. Catharine College as communications director is Jan. 3.
I won’t get mushy and sentimental this week, but I likely will in a column closer to the end of the month.
I tried writing my farewell column for this week, but I couldn’t get worked up. It’s not close enough to my last day.
I will drop another bit of news on you, though, for those who may not know.
My wife is pregnant with a little boy. He’s due in April.
For those of you keeping score at home, that means we’ll have one girl and one boy.
Luckily for my son, my dad can teach him things about mechanics and carpentry and my father-in-law can teach him about sports.
I can teach him how to...well, thank goodness for my dad and father-in-law.