One man’s views on the political scene

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By Special to The Sun


Robert Mulligan

Guest columnist

Mr. Fattizzi’s rant has finally caused me to respond to this misguided concept that people have.

To begin - I am a registered Independent, 82- years-old, and one of the 47 percent, except I care about this country.
I am weary of all the whining that goes on - political, as well as self-pity.  The Declaration of Independence offered life (except for abortion on demand), liberty (unless you don’t want health insurance or own a weapon) and the pursuit of happiness (not welfare for life). It promises no one that the government owes him/her a living.  This must be earned by consistent hard work and effort.
 I, for one, realize that in order to get this country back on a sound basis, cherished programs must take a hit - Social Security and Medicare to be precise - and we must trim the military and quit trying to nation build and police the world.  I am willing to accept this even though it will affect me seriously. We can not be another Greece! We also need a balanced budget amendment. This is only common sense!
 I serve some of the less fortunate and you can realize how I feel when we visit a family seeking aid for utility bills and are confronted with wall-to-wall TV sets, cable bills, $200 iPhones with $100 contracts and a house full of high-end, rented furniture.  They do not understand when we do an income-expense analysis that shows a two-to-one ratio of spending to income that a serious change needs to be made.  Madison Avenue and the Democrats have convinced them that they are entitled and we (the government and charities) will pay for it with your money!
This fiscal mess all started with FDR and his NRA Alphabet Soup, but to hear the historians tell it, he saved us from a dire fate (when the real recovery came by re-arming for WWII). A man with a family could hardly make it on the $21 per month CCC paid, even in the 1930s.
This election is your only opportunity to express your power. Romney and the Republicans are far less than ideal, but Obama and the Democrats will be an unmitigated disaster. They will spend us into bankruptcy, even with his tax increases. What we need are some representatives with guts instead of the careerists we have in Washington.  So far, only the Republicans have shown any spunk at all!