Police say phone scams target elderly citizens

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By Jesse Osbourne

Elderly citizens of Springfield, beware.
Springfield police officer Charlie Osborne said he’s received several complaints from elderly citizens about telephone scams going on.
“I had one lady call me and said she got a phone call at four o’clock in the morning,” Osborne said. “(The caller) told them that they needed to turn their computer on because it had a problem.”
Osborne said the citizen started asking questions and the caller quickly hung up.
“A lot of people are targeting the elderly people,” Osborne said. “They’re thinking that they’re maybe vulnerable or more compassionate towards you when they tell them they are Kosair Children people, or they are the fire departments or the state police benevolent fund or something. They’re using all kinds of scams like that to try to get information out of them.”
The officer said that he ran across a different kind of scam at US Bank recently.
“A lady said she was getting calls and people were telling her they were from US Bank,” Osborne said.
Osborne said Frank Peters of US Bank happened to overhear the conversation and intervened.
Peters told the woman that US Bank would never ask  for personal banking information over the phone, they would only do it by mail or in person.
Osborne said that the police don’t know who the scammers are because when callers start questioning them, they quickly hang up.
The officer advised that elderly citizens shouldn’t trust anyone seeking personal information such as bank account numbers over the phone.