Political correctness gone astray

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By The Staff

During the last nine or 10 years, we as Americans have become victims of political correctness by our government. We have continued to argue about the process of how to handle those that have been captured and where they are to be housed. We have been told that these attacks are nothing more than man caused disasters, and we cannot even use the word terrorist as it may create problems with the culture of hate and those responsible. Apparently we have not learned anything from history. It is important to look at history because it may give us some clues to the future.

Today we are facing a serious threat from radical Islam. Before discussing radical Islam I need to make it clear that not all Muslims are radicals or terrorists. I do believe, however, that we all need to recognize and understand the radical movement. Islam was founded around 600 AD when Muhammad dictated the Koran in Mecca. When he moved to Medina, the Hadith was written. In the Hadith, he altered his view on how Islam was to be taught and it became more radical. He began to preach that all Jews and Christians were the enemy, and that they needed to convert to Islam. The consequences for refusing to convert would ultimately be death. Muhammad believed in a world that would be dominated by the Islamic faith.

Prior to the September 2001 attack, Bin Laden became one of the main leaders, along with Kalid Sheeikh Muhammad, and Al-Zawahiri, of radical Islam. Their movement took on the concept of Wahhabism, which is a very strict interpretation of Islam. As Muhammad quoted in the Hadith, “The sword is the key of Heaven and hell.”

Many today try and explain that the God of Islam and the God of Christianity are one and the same; however, this is far from the truth. The Koran and the Hadith are very clear in stating that Jihad is acceptable and it is the only way to have an Islamic world. Though there are many definitions of Jihad, the radical’s view means fighting anybody who stands in the way of spreading Islam. Couple this with a very basic tenet of Islam which states that the only way to paradise is dying in battle for Allah. As one leading terrorist stated, Americans fear life more than they fear death.

If we are to fight terrorism, we first must understand the enemy. This involves understanding their ideology and the means by which they accomplish their goal. The radical Muslim terrorists hate America and our way of life, and we are referred to as the great Satan. They also hate Israel and all they stand for. What we do not understand and accept is their tenacity to accomplish the goal of a world wide Islamic state. They will use any and all means to accomplish the end result. We often fall into the trap of believing that if we give them recognition, land, or other concessions that we can all live in peace.

A classical example of this is the belief that if we force Israel to give up land to the Palestinians that everything will be fine and that peace will result. Again, we fail to see the end goal of world dominance. Some people in America are of the opinion that Gitmo is one of the main reasons that we are having an increase in attacks on American troops and attempted attacks on American soil. Our political leaders also believe that if we give terrorists civilian trials and access to our constitutional rights that we can all live in peace.

We in America must understand that the radical Islamic militant will do anything within their power to change our way of life. The ultimate goal is world wide acceptance of Islam. During a presentation at a local diversification training seminar, which was attended by many different religious leaders when the topic of islam came up, one of the leaders asked a local Imam if it was true that most Imams and clerics of Islam have declared a holy Jihad against infidels of the world; and, that by killing an infidel as a command to all Muslims, they are assured of a place in heaven.

Now, the question is, who is an infidel...the answer is all non-believers. According to the Koran and the Hadith, all non-believers are to be killed.

In conclusion, we must accept the fact that there are people in the world who want to destroy us and everything we believe in. We, as Christians, must love our enemy, however, that does not mean that we are to stand idly by and watch, but talk about our God of love and peace. We cannot face the future if we don’t understand what history has taught us. We can look back at Hitler, who killed 6 million Jews, Stalin who killed 7 to 12 million and finally Mao who killed 20 million of his own people by starvation. Radical Islam is a real threat to our way of life and must be understood so that we can take whatever steps necessary to defeat it. A terrorist is a terrorist and must be dealt with accordingly.