Politicians: Believe 'em or not

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By Geoff Hamill

They say records are made to be broken, and as a sports fan, I’ve seen over the years just how true that statement can be. Unfortunately, as the current political season is in full swing, there are plenty of politicians out there who also believe promises are made to be broken.

Have you listened to them lately?

Candidates tell you if elected, they will pass this law, lower this tax and raise that benefit to certain groups in our society. There’s hardly anything that hasn’t been promised as the election draws nearer. Some politicians even vary their beliefs or stances depending on the group they are addressing. If the audience is a group of senior citizens, they are going to improve Medicare. Talking to young, middle-class families? They’ll tell you your taxes will go down and you will receive tax breaks on child care like never before.

Truth is, and we all know this, but no politician, at least by himself, can make and keep these promises. Thankfully, our government is one that features a lot of people working together for what is best for all of us, and not one person keeping promises he or she makes to their supporters.

You have to love that part about taxes going up for the rich, don’t you? After all, the rich would include our country’s high-level politicians, and very few guys like the now-famous Joe the Plumber - the Ohio plumber who has become a favorite target of much of the TV and tabloid media.

If taxes go up for the rich, that’s going to affect the politicians, and it’s going to hit the pockets of the wealthy supporters who are making the donations to the campaigns of politicians. That statement about tax increases would be more accurate if a candidate said, “If elected, I’ll raise my own taxes, as well as those of my friends and supporters.”

Don’t hold your breath.

It’s interesting when you think about politics and the corruption involved. Still, we’re reminded by the Bible, as I was at my own church just this past Sunday, that God does have a plan, and a hand in our elections. He puts people in positions to keep order and carry out the duties necessary for society to remain as organized as it is today. Without politics and government, just imagine how much worse off our nation could be!

Sure, I’ll be glad when the election is over, when the mud is no longer slung, and the lies stop being told. I’ll be glad to get my e-mail back and stop receiving “official updates” from candidates about how much better they are than their opponents, and how they will save the world as we know it.

What is going to happen is an election. We will put somebody in office, and you can bet many people will be satisfied, many will be upset, and plenty of others will not care either way.

You don’t have to agree with your friends, neighbors, or even your family or spouse about who is the best candidate for any particular office, whether it is a local or national seat. What you do have to do is live with the decisions you make. So think about it, research it, and make an educated vote. But mainly, pray about it.

Election 2008 will soon be over, but we will have to live with the results for much longer, so think, pray, and then vote!