Pondering thankfulness

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By Dennis Morgeson

Last week I watched “Grey’s Anatomy,” a show many of you probably watched or have heard of, I am sure.  Anyway, in last week’s episode, it was Thanksgiving, and they were sitting around and decided to tell what they were unthankful for instead of what they were thankful for.  This got me to thinking about what I wasn’t thankful for, too.  I have thought about this for a few days and I am having trouble coming up with anything.  It is easy to say you aren’t thankful for the frosty morning or the task you have to do at work, but that isn’t really anything important, is it?  Honestly, I cannot come up with anything that really matters to be unthankful for!

The blessings we have in life are unfathomable, yet we don’t stop to be thankful.  Yes, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, but it was built on being thankful for food and harvests, not necessarily the everyday blessings of family, friends, or even that frosty morning.  I will bet that when you started thinking about what you were thankful for it didn’t include a big house, new car, or even that high definition flat panel television.   We live our lives working and planning and dreaming of these things, yet when you sit down and think about what you are thankful for, material things don’t factor in.  I am no different.  If the things we spend our time striving for aren’t something worth being thankful for, then why do we work so hard to get them?  I don’t have an answer for that, but I plan to keep thinking and searching for a reason to it all.

Now, some of you are probably wondering how I could be thankful for a frosty morning.  First of all, it might be the beauty when the sunlight catches the sparkle on the grass or those last few rosebuds relentlessly raging against the inevitable.  Or it might be the sound of windshield wipers swooshing off the melting frost of my truck windshield.  Or it might be the steam rising from my neighbor’s roof top at sunrise. Or it might be the crunch of the grass as I walk out to yell for Gizmo to do his business and come back in.  Or, it just might be that I awoke to another morning of seeing my beautiful wife grumpily arise to a new day, and the sound of little footsteps and giggles from the most wonderful children in the world.

I am thankful for it all, the chance to be here right now, to be loved, to live, to see, to feel, and to understand the overwhelming blessings that I have!  I am truly thankful.

With Thanksgiving upon us, I ask you all to sit down and think about what you are truly unthankful for.  You just might be surprised that this is an impossible task, and you can be thankful for that!  Happy Thanksgiving!

On Dec. 8, at the Washington County Extension Office at 6 p.m., I will be conducting a class on making a holiday centerpiece.  This will be the same class that was held last year by the Woodford County Horticulture Agent.  Each participant will make their own centerpiece to take home as well.  There is a $10 supply charge.  Register by calling the Washington County Extension Office by Nov. 30 at (859) 336-7741.