Proposed bill to protect farmers

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By Rick Greenwell

There is a huge debate raging in the nation now over who knows best to tell farmers how to raise their animals.  I would like to share with you Farm Bureau’s thoughts on the important legislation of Senate Bill 105.  These are Farm Bureau’s ideas for you to consider.  

SB 105 would establish a Kentucky Livestock Care Commission.  This commission would establish livestock and poultry on farm care standards for Kentucky farmers.

This bill is designed to protect all farmers from the anti-animal agriculture groups whose goal is to eliminate all livestock and poultry based protein from the diet of individuals.

This commission will include individuals from the different livestock and poultry commodity groups. Farmers make up commodity groups not government officials.  Some groups opposing the bill have said the commission would be made up of “lobbyists.”

Kentucky agriculture can either create its own on-farm care guidelines, or we can let the anti-agriculture groups dictate to us how farmers care for their livestock.

Some will say the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) won’t ever come to Kentucky.  Last month HSUS held a press conference in the State Capitol Rotunda.

These production standards would be based on the best research and scientific data available.

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, in 2008 Kentucky’s livestock and poultry production accounted for nearly $3 billion in cash receipts.

Animal care is of utmost importance to Kentucky’s agricultural producers this is best exemplified by the high levels of production and low mortality rates achieved in modern livestock and poultry operations.

Anti-animal agriculture groups, like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) will oppose this bill.  They will argue that The commission is made up of agriculture friendly representation.

HSUS’s and other animal rights groups, goal is to eliminate all protein from the diet of people based on emotion rather than sound science and research.

Please keep in mind HSUS is not affiliated with your local animal shelter.  In fact only a little more than $450,000 or just half of one percent of HSUS’s total budget went to organizations providing hands-on care to dogs and cats throughout the U.S.

Kentucky farmers recognize that proper animal care practices lead to the production of high-quality products.  They know it’s their best interest to adopt proven production practices.  They recognize that they are morally and legally responsible for ht proper care for their animals.

Why should we allow a group from Washington D.C. (HSUS Headquarters) tells the farmers of Kentucky how to properly raise their livestock and poultry?

Help us protect Kentucky’s nearly $3 billion livestock and poultry industry and vote YES on SB 105.

This bill is supported by Commissioner Richie Farmer and the Kentucky Farm Bureau, Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association, Kentucky Port Producers Association, Kentucky Poultry  Federation, Kentucky Dairy Development Council, Kentucky Soybean Association, Kentucky Corn Growers and Small Grain Growers Association, Kentucky Thoroughbred Association, Kentucky Horse Council, Kentucky Veterinary Medical  Association, Kentucky Association of Counties (KACO), and the Kentucky County Judge/Executive Association.  The Kentucky League of Cities does not oppose this legislation.

This bill is opposed by the Humane Society of the United States *(HSUS), the People for the Ethical treatment of Animals (PETA), Sierra Club, and Community Farm Alliance.

If you need any further information, you can call this Legislative Message Line 1-800-372-7181.