Random thoughts

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By Geoff Hamill

While sitting at my desk recently, a few things crossed my mind. Some are important, some maybe not so much. Still, they were on my mind, and I think I’ll share.

• A terrible thing happened to Justin Hatchett on June 18, when the recent Washington County High School graduate was injured in a tractor accident on his family’s farm. Hatchett remains hospitalized at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington. He has been through numerous surgeries and taken more than 60 units of blood during his stay.

It’s terrible for things like this accident to happen, but it’s nice to look around the community and see how a bad thing can bring out the good in people.

Two blood drives have been held in honor of Hatchett in the past week, and both were hugely successful. Willisburg Christian Church holds blood drives regularly,but last Monday’s drive brought an amazing 58 units, significantly more than normally collected at the church.

On Thursday, Cornerstone Christian Church in Springfield hosted a drive in conjunction with the high school’s FFA program, and that event brought an incredible 79 units. We heard reports that the medical officials operating the drive actually ran out of bags to take more blood, and several willing givers were turned away. The success set the tone for another drive, and anyone who would like to give is encouraged to take part. It will run from 3-8 p.m. Thursday, July 24 at Cornerstone Christian Church.

While he’s recovering, Hatchett will continue to go through some tough times. He will probably need more blood, but with friends and a community that can show how it truly cares, the supply will no doubt be unlimited.

• The Washington County school system has a new superintendent, and his name is Rob Stafford. In speaking with Stafford after his hiring Monday, he comes across as a down-to-earth family man who is excited about making a difference in a community like Washington County. He and his wife have one daughter, and are expecting a son in November.

If you see them around town, be sure to make them feel welcome. Our hospitable, small-town environment is part of what made them want to come to Washington County, so we need to continue to show that to anybody who comes to town.

• According to a press release received at The Springfield Sun recently, a major event is taking place in Lebanon next weekend, and it’s disc golf.

I’ve heard of disc golf, but I can’t say I see it as a sport like some articles I’ve read while trying to learn a little more about it. I think of it more like lawn darts or freeze tag, which are both games, and not sports.

The release went on to say that two of Kentucky’s top-ranked players will be in action, as well as a hall of famer.

What? We’re ranking players and establishing a hall of fame for people who throw a Frisbee at a large wire basket with chains?

Play disc golf if you want, and have fun. But don’t forget: It’s a game, not a sport.