Reader is against school tax increases

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

The Public Notice – 2008-09 Proposed Tax Rate Hearing, is Sept. 4, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. at Central Office, 120 Mackville Hill, Springfield to hear public comments regarding a proposed general fund tax levy of 52 cents on real property and 52 cents on personal property. This is the amount they are asking for, and will get if there is no question or opposition to the request.

The 2008 tax levied was 50.8 cents, which costs us 50 cents on $100, on everything.

After the fact people had questions and said they didn’t know about it.

This year it was properly published as required by the General Assembly (KRS 160.470). It was in the Legal Notice, page C-7 on Aug. 20, 2008. Raise your hand if you read this section.

And now as my “Big Nickel’s” worth in the Letters to the Editor, a little closer to the front of the paper, I’m trying to make you aware.

It also states that the “compensating tax for 2009 is 49.9 cents on real property and 50.2 cents on personal property” and is expected to produce $2,570,960. The proposal of 52.0 x 2 would produce $2,666,287.41. Of this amount $439,196.90 is from new and personal property.

Y’all get your calculators out – mine only did seven figures, so I had to resort to fingers and toes – now if you minus $439,196.90 from the $2,666,287.41, since that amount of the $2,666,287.41 is from new and personal property you come up with $2,227,090.51.

They simply say the “compensating tax” is expected to produce $2,570,720.96. They do not say if that includes the $439,196.90 from new and personal tax or not. If not, add nearly one-half million dollars more. And with the new tech school being built, the new Bonnie Plants on 555 and groundbreaking for Altech’s Bio Refinery, that looks like a lot of new and personal tax, and they haven’t added their figgerin’ system.

Well, anywho, anyhow, anyway, if you agree that we are already paying too much out in taxes, here is the time you can ask why. It said over $25,000 for collections and $143,140 for education. There is no mention of gas or diesel increase. There is no mention of higher heating cost, and no mention of need for building fund money. What’s happened?

But show up at the meeting on Sept. 4 at 6:30 p.m. at 120 Mackville Hill, Springfield.

Louise Reynolds

Hickory Camp Road