Reader not pleased with EMS changes

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I have just sat down to read the paper and noticed an article on EMS. I must admit that I was hurt and angry. You see my husband, John White, was one of those people who had to be gotten up a total of six times. He had cancer and was so weak he could not even crawl, much less walk. You know this was a very painful and humiliating thing for both of us. This is not something you do just because you can. He was a proud man and did not want to lose his dignity, but he had no choice.

I am sure Mr. Hale did not mean to be insensitive but for those of us who have lived it, it is very heartbreaking. I don’t know how many others they had to get up off the floor, but I’m sure they must feel the same as I do.

It would have been worth $100 a trip to have him off the floor and comfortable. I asked on the first visit if they would bill me or if I paid them at the time.

The EMTs were very professional and did a great job. They were kind and made you feel like they wanted to help. They have my sincere thanks. They are a great group of people.

Maybe in the future Mr. Hale might watch how he words things. I know he is a kind person and a good Christian, so I know this was not meant to be hurtful.

In case you don’t remember the quote, this is how it was.

“Too many people are abusing the system. We get some calls where people just want us to pick somebody up off the floor.” Mark Hale, Director WC EMS.

He mentioned the taxpayers were paying for this. This is true, I just paid mine, but I don’t think it cost anymore as these people were already on the job. Thanks for your kind attention.

John’s wife,

Jean Goode White