Reader speaks out on High Street issues

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By The Staff

To the Editor,

I’m writing in regards to the article in the paper where High Street residents attended the city council meeting voicing their opinions about High Street.

I do not live on High Street, so I can’t say what’s going on, except what I see when I go through, and it looks almost like it was years ago when I hung out on High Street. This was just a place to get together with your friends. I imagine some of the residents complaining used to do the same thing. It’s just that they’re too old to do it now.

Instead of us putting these young men and women down, we need to help them and pray for them. I get a lot of respect from these young men and women. I can understand noise after hours and trash is something needed to be dealt with, but to fine or jail these young people, that’s ridiculous. The liquor store has been there for years and it attracts people, as it did way before the owner who now has it. That’s the only place close by that the children can get their soft drinks, chips, etc.

I believe the majority of the young people there, if I talked to them in the right way, I would get some respect. The ones meddling and talking about these young people need to pray for them because they don’t know what could happen in their own family.

And for our chief of police, it’s a good thing he doesn’t have to be elected because  it seems like he can’t make either party happy. With his statement of drug dealing taking place on High Street and he knows who’s doing it, does he know who some of the higher people providing our young people with the drugs? If so, why won’t he send his informant to them, instead of to High Street. I’m sure High Street is not the only place where drugs are sold. We have two sheriff’s deputies accused of dealing with drugs. Did they do this on High Street?

And for the gentleman who said he hears girls hollering and guys using profanity, how does he know who’s doing what, and is High Street the only place he hears profanity or loud noise?

Also, the chief said it was city streets and they really can’t run people off. But the officers are still coming up and harassing these young people. If they came with a little respect, I’m sure they would get some respect back.

My goal is trying to help these young people get jobs and something to do to keep them occupied. There’s nothing here for our young people to do. I’m gonna use the media and Internet to try to get something going on for them. I would like to ask the people of Springfield, the churches, to help by hiring them to mow yards, do chores, take out your trash, just anything to give them a chance.

Maybe the statistics the chief gave us of the drug arrests would be lower. A lot of people say young people don’t care, they don’t want to do anything. How do they know if the young people don’t get a chance to prove it?

A young black man applied to the water company to try to better himself and he got a letter saying the position was already filled. He didn’t even get an interview. So I’m asking this community to help our young people who have made mistakes, not to do it again by supporting them instead of trying to keep them down. To the young men and women who hang out on High Street, let’s show them that you can keep the streets clean and respect the people living on High Street. I’ve talked to several people on High Street and they have said it has not been so bad that they would like to see the young people being punished (or hit them in their pockets). They said they go in and go to bed and don’t worry about or meddle with what’s going on. Maybe some of those complaining should do the same thing and they would feel better. It always sounds like High Street is so bad. If so, why would some people want their new house there?

Well, we all don’t agree, but I hope we, as older people, who’ve lived longer than these young people, can pull together and help them to want to make an honest living. Give them a chance and keep praying for them.

Also, to the young people, please try to stay out of the court system. It’s very unfair to some of our young people. They give you a rope and they want you to hang yourself. The probation officer should be there to help you get on the right road, but from what I can see, they’re not giving much help. If the judge has a grudge against you, he can use his personal feeling, not his professional knowledge. But judges are elected and we have the power to put a fair judge who would not be mad if family members call and punish the prisoner because he doesn’t want phone calls.

Please, let’s get together and save our youth. They are children of God, no matter what they do.

Carol Adams

A concerned citizen