Reader supports local firefighters

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To the Editor,

After having read the story “Who’ll Put Out The Fires?”, I have to say that if all I had to go on was that story, I would think those volunteer firemen are all the most selfish people on the face of the earth. It did not tell the whole story and painted these courageous men in an unflattering light.

Fortunately, I do have more than that story to go on. One of those firefighters is my brother-in-law, Forrest Carrico, one of the most dedicated men you will ever meet. He has devoted 26 years to the Springfield Fire Department and missed important times with his own family to fight fires. You can hear his radio going off at family functions because he is always on call. The only reason he would step away from firefighting is if financial support was threatened, and that is what has happened. These volunteer firemen don’t get paid a dime, the money raised from the fire fees goes for equipment and building maintenance to protect the people in the community when a fire strikes. It costs money to maintain a firestation and equipment, and to build a new facility costs even more; yet there are those who would vote to do away with the $45.00 a year fire fee if it were put to a vote. Without the support of the entire community, including the local government, a fire department cannot exist.
In Oldham County, we have to pay a $45.00 storm water fee every year. We don’t know what that money is really used for, but Washington County residents do know what they get for their money. Just ask any one of them who has experienced a fire.
I was especially offended by comments by Billy Riney, who said, “It sounds to me like they’re not wanting to represent the people in the county as far as fire protection”. To Mr. Riney I would say: When was the last time you put out a fire at your neighbor’s house?

Jean Marie Smith