Reader wants potholes fixed, sign replaced

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

How does a taxpayer get assistance from the local “officials” in Washington County, Kentucky?

I have been trying to get two problems resolved. The first for 1 1/2 years, the replacement of a street sign, and the second for six months, the repair of two potholes.

About 1 1/2 years ago the road sign on our road was vandalized. A new sign was up in a couple of weeks, but it was a different name. I called the judge-executive’s office and told them the wrong sign had been put up. After waiting a few months I called again to see what was being done about the sign replacement. I was informed they were aware of it and when the annual county trash collection was over in March they would have time to replace the sign. A couple more months passed and I called a third time to find out what was going on. This time it was being discussed and would be replaced before too long. I backed up this phone call with a letter I took to the judge-executive’s office requesting for the correct road sign to be put up. I waited a few more months and called again to find out what action was being taken. This time I was advised to contact the magistrate.

I called the magistrate, Bill Riney, and explained about the sign situation. I also told him about two small potholes on a narrow county road that needed to be fixed. He said he would check into it. I waited and never heard from him so I called him twice and left messages asking to let me know what the resolutions were.

On Sept. 17, I called Bill Riney again and finally got to talk to him about the sign and potholes. He informed me that the potholes were really not an issue because he had been down Osbourne Road and couldn’t find them. A blind man could find those potholes.

On my initial call the potholes were small, but they have grown in size. The single vehicle road is traveled daily. If something isn’t done to repair the potholes someone is going to slide off the road into the adjacent creek. The two potholes are side by side and it’s difficult avoiding them, thereby playing havoc with a vehicle’s alignment.

I told Bill Riney that’s what our taxes help pay for, fixing potholes. His response was all the tax money was going to the schools and there wasn’t any money to fix the potholes. I sarcastically said, “I guess I could get a couple bags of concrete and fill them myself!” He replied that I could if I wanted to.

“You have got to be kidding me! Our tax money should take care of this,” was my response.

I also wanted to know about the sign replacement. Bill Riney told me it wasn’t needed. I’m like “What!” He said that there was already Old E-Town Road signs at St. Rose, Blandford and Maker’s Mark and one was not needed where I wanted it. I have lived on Old E-Town Road for over 10 years and the sign at the intersection has always been Old E-Town Road. Now all of a sudden it should be Osbourne Road. Without a sign up how would an ambulance, fire truck, police or anyone else find Old E-Town Road at that intersection?

It’s an intersection that really requires a sign that reads Old E-town Road. I was so frustrated at Bill Riney I told him he was of no help what so ever and slammed the phone down.

I have been patient and understand about the bureaucratic system, but I finally had it after being dismissed by the magistrate, Bill Riney.

If there had been any meeting about these two issues I was never notified. My only recourse is to write and hope maybe something will be done.

The solutions to the sign and potholes are not just for my benefit, but for everyone from the people who live in the area to all kinds of heavy trucks and equipment that travel on Osbourne and Old E-town Road.

Deberah Hurt