Reader wants school tax money spent on education

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I read the article in the September 9 issue of The Springfield Sun about what is being done with our school tax money and for the life of me still can’t figure out how moving the entrance to the high school and putting in a few ball fields is going to better my child’s “education”. I voiced my opinion at the board meeting on Aug. 26 and I still disagree with this tax being raised. But since five people can decide whether or not to steal more money from us instead of letting the community vote on it, why not put that 12 plus million dollars to better use.

I remember recently reading about people voicing their concerns about paying for a police officer or someone else to help with security at the high school. Hire a few people for that job. I would feel better knowing my child was a little safer while trying to get an education there.

There’s talk in The Springfield Sun article about having to share one science lab. That’s not ok, but students not being able to take books home to study out of because there aren’t enough to go around is ok? How about making sure all the students have a text book for each class. There isn’t any wonder why we need after-school programs for students falling behind.

Let’s hire more teachers to make sure our children are taught how to use their brains like I was, instead of learning how to push buttons to make a machine think for them. A person at the board meeting said that some of our high school students working at local fast food restaurants can’t take their $150 calculators to work with them. Another person said that you can be taught and learn in a barn. A lot of people at the board meeting said that we need this extra money for “education”. I agree 100 percent, so use this money for “education” and not to just make our schools look “pretty”.

Wasn’t this tax raised to build a new high school to start with? The editor said, “Make no mistake, I’m in favor of this tax and what it is going to do for this school system. There’s no doubt that a new high school is needed, and there’s no other way to pay for it than this tax.” If that is so, then why is all this money being poured into an old 47 year old high school and ground isn’t being broken on a new high school?

And...Mr. Pat Clements, I’m sure you are a nice guy and while we agree 100 percent on educating our children, don’t patronize me. Until you have to live off of what I do and go through the daily struggles I do, you wouldn’t have a clue about the challenges my family faces.

Thank you,

Robert Nesbitt