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Dear Editor,

On Friday, Nov. 4, I attended the Veteran’s Day Ceremony at Washington County High School.
It was a very impressive ceremony. Everything was well planned and came off great. The speakers especially, Mr. Osbourne were very interesting. We even got to hear the band and Mr. Powers sing for us.
To the students: your contribution and behavior should make the staff, teachers and parents proud.
The spread for lunch was easily four star.
I was expecting more veterans and visitors. They missed a great day.

Pat Logsdon

Dear Editor,

You may have been notified that your polling place has been moved or noticed some changes when you voted in the May Primary. These changes have happened for Kentucky to be in compliance with federal laws regarding voter access. The Commonwealth, like all other states, is required by several federal laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Help America Vote Act, to make voting fully accessible to all voters, regardless of disability.
We, as advocates, have heard from people with disabilities over the years who have used absentee ballots to vote because they were unable to enter their polling places due to physical barriers. Use of absentee ballots should no longer be a necessity.
If you are an individual with a disability who experiences problems with accessibility on Election Day, call your county clerk for help. You may also contact the State Board of Elections (1-800-246-1399), Protection and Advocacy (1-800-372-2988), or the Kentucky Office of the Americans with Disabilities Act (1-877-423-2933).

Marsha Hockensmith
Executive Director
Protection & Advocacy

Norb Ryan
Kentucky ADA Coordinator
KY Office of the Americans with Disabilities Act