Readers write for 10-03-12

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Dear Editor,

I was an assistant professor of psychology for 10 years at SCC.  The surrounding communities sent  the college some of the most likable students I have ever taught, and I maintain contact with many of them still.
Now, I read about Mr. Huston’s response to the huge shortfall in the budget and how the “economy is bad” and “enrollment is down.” Most everyone knows that the economy has been bad for a few years now and that this is the time to plan ahead and not to overspend.  I hate to read about my friends who still work there having 10 percent of their check taken back after experiencing a “no raise” year.   I hate to read about them not getting their retirement match from the college as they were told  they would when they hired in.
What is the real reason for this money crisis?
Who is responsible for this lack of foresight?
Is the person or persons still there?
Leave the lower level employees alone. They need every penny of their paychecks. This group had no fault in this. It is time for someone to put on “their big boy pants” and take responsibility for this mess!  
Paula Foster
Former SCC employee