Readers write for 10-17-12

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By Special to The Sun


Dear Editor,

In November, our community has the opportunity to elect a true public servant to represent Boyle and Washington counties in Frankfort. On Election Day, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Barry Harmon to be our next state  representative.
Barry Harmon has a proven record of public service and has shown he has what it takes to put our community before party politics.  As Boyle County Jailer for the past decade, Barry has helped keep our community safe and done a commendable job of managing our tax dollars.
As our next state representative, Barry will go to Frankfort and work with all to make sure our community has the resources we need to fight  the war on illegal drugs and illicit prescription pills that have robbed too many of our  young people of a future and torn too many families apart.
Education is also a top priority for Barry.  With a daughter teaching in the  public school system, Barry has a real understanding of the frustrations faced by those striving to prepare our children for the demands of the future  as they watch valuable resources be taken away.
We can build a better commonwealth together, but we must have your help. On Nov. 6, please join me in supporting Barry Harmon to be our voice in Frankfort.

Carmen Hampton