Readers write for 10-31-12

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Dear Editor,
To the voters of Boyle and Washington counties, please choose carefully who you vote for as our state representative. The incumbent, Mike Harmon, has not done a good job for either of our counties.
To verify what I’m telling you, check his voting record online. For the past 10 years we’ve had to rely on other representatives and senators like Tom Buford in helping our community.
His challenger, Barry Harmon, is an ordained minister with papers to prove it. I have known Barry Harmon all of his life. He is honest, hard working and intelligent. He is dedicated to serving all the people he represents. He is even willing to take a pay cut from his current job as Boyle County jailer in order to serve his constituents and do a good job.
Please vote on Nov. 6 for Barry Harmon to be our next state representative.

Roberta L. Zeller
Junction City, Ky.

Dear Editor,
On Nov. 6 the voters of Boyle and Washington counties will go to the polls to make a very important decision. They will select the next State Representative to be our voice in Frankfort. I would humbly ask you to vote for Barry Harmon. Barry has served as Boyle County jailor for the past decade. He began the Boyle County Detention Center Substance Abuse Program to assist people in becoming productive members of the community. State officials have given Barry positive recognition for his accomplishments.
Barry has become a strong advocate of the war on drugs. He sees firsthand the lives that are destroyed and the families that are broken because of illegal drugs. I have personally worked on cases with Barry involving deaths within the jail due to overdoses. The fact that Barry is an ordained minister and pastured a church in the Mackville area of Washington County for some 13 years gives him a unique insight for counseling incarcerated individuals, should they request such services.
As our next State Representative, Barry will go to Frankfort and a be a voice heard within the House of Representatives, something that we have not experienced with our current representative. He will listen to our concerns and make them known in Frankfort.
Please join me in electing Barry Harmon, our next State Representative, to be a strong voice for the citizens of Boyle and Washington County.

Mike Wilder

Dear Editor,
The citizens of Boyle & Washington Counties deserve a Representative in Frankfort that work for them in an honest and trustworthy manner! The best man capable of this job is Mike Harmon.
He has served us well for the past 10 years. A decent, God fearing man who works for the good of the people and not a name for himself!
Mike Harmon helped to pass the Christine Talley Act that prevents delayed emergency response when someone presses the button on their PERS device. He’s helped the people as much as possible with those he works with in Frankfort!
I don’t believe any Christian needs to be on the side of a party who are liberal and are usually for abortion and same sex marriage and things that God is against. No matter how good you might be that party as a whole will vote you down.
I believe it is the Republicans, for the most part, that stand up for God’s ways while Democrats are usually for higher taxes, spend more money and anything goes.
So please vote Mike Harmon for State Representative on Nov. 6. A vote for Mike will be a vote for the Bible! We Like Mike!
Cleo Bottom
Harrodsburg, Ky.

Dear Editor,
One of the greatest gifts given to human beings is that of reasoning.
Our nation is 90 percent Christian. The Hallmark of which is synonyms with care and concern for a neighbor in need – especially one in the womb.
Yet, for nearly four full decades, we voters have failed to make any connection between this unjust law or “legalized abortion” and those we elect.
Even if staunch Christian leadership is not available, the Christian voter has the solidarity of the fifth amendment. This is not a suggestion, it is a command! One in which each of us will give an account, simply because we can vote those out, who do not serve the common good.
We voters have the power for this, but for whatever reason, we have failed to recognize this as our civic, political, social and moral duty to our God, our neighbor and our country.

Marvin Boone

Dear Editor,
I am appalled at the display of flagrant disregard for life and lack of compassion or moderation toward our fellow animals that I saw in the Oct. 24th edition of The Springfield Sun, in the form of an advertisement entitled “Beast-Feast”. According to the ad, this is to be an event sponsored by the River of Life Community Church, during which animals, including “buffalo, elk, bear, alligator” and others are to be served as food.
This seems to say the “river of life” flows to satisfy any frivolous desire for exoticism on a menu. When we take another animal’s life, this calls for our utmost respect and demands a solemn commitment never to do so for the purposes of entertainment or gratuity. In the words of the great doctor and humanitarian, Albert Schweitzer, we all must have “reverence for life”.

Nathaniel Scott