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By Special to The Sun

Dear Editor,

November is Adoption Awareness month.  In recognition of this unique way in which to become a family, white ribbons will be worn.  I ask that all of you who are touched by adoption to please wear a white ribbon during the month of November.  If you see someone wearing a white ribbon, please ask him/her how adoption has affected their life.  If you are interested in learning more about adoption, call (800)928-4303.
Adoption Support for Kentucky provides support groups for adoptive parents. These support groups are for any families formed through adoption or anyone interested in adoption: state, private, foster to adopt, kinship, or international.  You may have adopted your child as an infant, older child, or part of a sibling group.  You may have adopted twenty years ago, had a child placed with you for adoption last week, or still be awaiting placement.  Regardless of how or when you formed your “forever family”, we’re here for you.
 The goal of adoption support is to work with adoptive families in meeting needs, locating resources, facing challenges, and celebrating successes.
If you would like to be involved, our adoption support group meets at the DCBS office in Elizabethtown the Friday before the third Saturday of each month from 7:00-9:00pm and on the third Saturday of each month from 1:00-3:00pm.
Childcare is provided at both meetings.  For more information about adoption support in the Salt River Trail Region, please contact Kay Upton at (270)358-4514 or by email at kay.upton@ky.gov.

Kay Upton
Adoptive Parent Liaison-Salt River Trail Region
Adoption Support for Kentucky