Readers write for 11-07-12

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Dear Editor,

This morning(11/3) I witnessed a very frightening incident at our Washington County Public Library:  There was a woman who had a medical emergency; but the main thing I want to say is that our Washington County EMS handled the situation in an excellent manner.  In fact, I cannot imagine it being handled any better.  Literally, within two or three minutes, they were on the scene attending to the woman.  Moreover, they took extra trouble to comfort the woman’s little daughter who, you can imagine, was very upset.
My point in writing this letter is that we should never take our first responders, such as EMS, police, and fire departments, for granted.  Let’s always give them our support. After all, the next emergency might involve you or me.
Credit also goes to the library staff, who recognized the emergency and made the call very quickly.

Harry Toder