Readers write for 12-12-12

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Dear Editor,

My wife and I decided to stop smoking a few years back. Because cigarettes had gotten so expensive and people were putting up ‘no smoking’ signs everywhere, such as in the stores, homes, cars, etc. People that didn’t smoke would give us the ‘shame on you’ look.
We had enough, we thought. Then we actually tried to stop smoking and found that it wasn’t so easy after all. We tried pills, patches, etc., with plenty of reasons to quit. The news was even reporting that there would be more tax increases to come. We still had trouble quitting.
We began researching and studying and were able to quit smoking. Now we have a program to help others who are also tired of the expense and people’s looks. They just want to enjoy a cigarette.
We even have smoking breaks during class. Bring your cigarettes with you.
(Editor’s note: Sheperson can be reached at (270) 692-6024.)

Jack Sheperson