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Reader plans to boycott Tyson Foods

By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Maybe I shouldn’t read the news because it is almost always depressing and here is a story I just can’t keep quiet about. It seems the Tyson Food Corp. in Shelbyville, Tenn. has signed a contract with their Muslim employees to trade their Labor Day holiday for Oct. 1, the end of Ramadan. On top of this they have built these Muslims their own prayer room in the plant. I have contacted customer relations to confirm this information and to inform them I will no longer be buying their products and I would ask others to do the same. I have never seen such a slap in the face of America as this. I am Catholic and don’t see anyone offering to trade one of my religious holidays for a government one. If this is the case all religions could ask for their own specific holiday in place of ones we now have. It’s no wonder they laugh at us around the world. We have shown them to some degree we can use less oil and this has gotten their attention, just as not buying Tyson products will get their attention. If you have access to the Web, e-mail, write or call Tyson to let them know this is wrong on so many levels. To write, the address is Tyson Foods, Inc., P.O. Box 2020, Springdale, AR 72764-6999, phone 1-800-643-3410 and ask for customer relations. I have many other things I should be doing besides writing this but as they said about Hitler no one said anything until there wasn’t anyone left to speak. God save us from the liberals.

Lynn Wimsatt