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Reader says teens want freedom back in Springfield

By The Staff

Dear editor,

I wanted to share an issue that has been irritating a lot of teenagers around Springfield. We recently lost our right to sit around and hang out in our own town. I don’t understand why it is such a big deal if we sit in town on the weekends. I understand that people were leaving their trash in the parking lots, but if people would agree not to litter, then we should get our old freedom back.

Generally, sitting in town was very common for most teenagers in Springfield. We would just park somewhere and sit on the tailgate of someone’s truck and talk. We did not try to cause any trouble or harm. It was just an inexpensive way to have fun on the weekends. Friday and Saturday nights were always exciting because we went to town and hung out with friends that we didn’t get to see every day.

Recently, our rights of sitting in town were completely taken away. Everywhere we go, the city police officers will come and run us off. I always thought town was a great place to hang out because it limited the partying and drinking that occurred outside of town. I think the Springfield police officers are more worried about teenagers sitting in town than they are about other issues such as drinking and driving or speeding. They should be concentrating more on making our town a better place and not running it down to nothing.

Instead of staying in our own town, we leave and go to surrounding counties since we are not allowed to do anything in Springfield. It’s a shame that we cannot even stay in our own town and be able to talk to some friends without being told to leave. Being kicked out of town will result in much more county partying and drunk drivers on the roads. Do we really want more drunk drivers out on the roads in Washington County?

Town was always a great place to sit and stay out of trouble. It kept a lot of people off the road and from making unwise decisions. Town looks dead on the weekends without us teenagers hanging out. I believe we should be able to hang out in our own town without getting run off. It is not fair to us.

Abby Smith