Readers Write: Citizens should clean up their own junk

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I have my own opinion on “county-wide cleanup.”  I do not think this is necessary that we have a county-wide cleanup.  Is it beneficial to all of us? Well, of course, but the county didn’t help us accumulate the junk we are wanting to get rid of.  We need to dispose of our own junk in the proper way.  

There are many options besides using our county road crew for cleanup.  The other options are calling 99.9 FM Monday thru Friday 9 -10 a.m. or 1320 AM Bardstown Kentucky radio Monday thru Friday 10-11 a.m.  Just let them know you have junk you need removed, and they put it on the show for free with your phone number, and someone who hauls junk will call and make arrangements to pick it up.  

No cost to you or the county.  Another option for bulky items is to call your local garbage company and ask about the policy for bulky item pick-up.  

My next concern is that it has been mentioned that the county does make a profit on the county-wide cleanup; I don’t see how that is possible.  We use county road crew employees and equipment.  The crew has to be paid and the equipment has to be maintained.  Metal sales are up right now, so how do you suppose to keep the scavengers out of the junk piles?  You are not because they know they can earn money from it, so they will be out all hours scavenging and collecting it.  Then you have the welfare of our county employees.  They get cut on the rusty metal, glass, and have even been stuck with old needles during this cleanup, so then the county has medical bills to pay, as well.

I would much rather see my county road crew out patching roads, filling in shoulders of the roads, repairing bridges, and trimming trees much more so than cleaning up messes we have made ourselves.  In the winter months, I would like to see them out tending to the roads more; it seems the hill in front of my home never gets the attention needed.

This is supposed to be a “certified clean county,” according to the sign by my father-in-law’s home on Mackville road.  Well, you drive by an awful eyesore right before that sign. It is a mess of junk mobile homes and buses.  You can drive down East Fork Road and see a fence made out of junk boats.  The old boats hold water and have made wonderful mosquito pools for us.  My child and her friends have mosquito bites all over them from playing outside since the boat mess.  Not to mention, I have had to take my own child to the doctor and get medicine for the bites, and mosquitoes carry numerous diseases.  So instead of “county-wide clean-up,” why don’t you focus on cleaning up the eyesores that no one wants to look at?  Why not revise and make changes to the county junk ordinance?

Mr. Hal Goode, you came to my door last week and asked that I vote for you. Now let me ask you, what are you going to do for me to help clean up the eyesores throughout the county?  

This is not the only one in the county, this is just the one that is a concern and problem to me!  Contact your local magistrate to report the eyesores you would like cleaned up in your area!

Thank you,

Jessica Long