Readers Write: Man wants county-wide cleanup

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By The Staff

To the magistrates of Washington County

I am writing to you in reference to your recent vote that eliminated the yearly county cleanup program. While I realize that no one enjoys being told they have made a mistake, I believe it is my duty to inform you that your vote to discontinue this program was indeed a HUGE mistake!

There is no other service county government provides that is more appreciated than the yearly cleanup program.  This service is something tangible that citizens can point to as something that really has benefit to them and all their neighbors.  If given the choice, I would prefer you stop scraping the snow off my road in the winter time than do away with the clean-up program.

You have incorrectly concluded the people of this county will haul their junk 20 to 25 miles to the landfill.  Every farm in this part of the county (mine included) has a lot of hollows and sink holes, which is exactly where the junk will end up.  I have often heard that Washington County is a certified clean county, and your recent vote on this issue has immediately discounted our county’s “clean” status.   

I realize every program requires funding to operate, but surely you can find approximately     $ 20,000 in the budget to keep this worthy program in action.  From what I understand, the rest of the cost of this program is associated with labor performed by the county employees.  These employees are going to be paid regardless of what they are specifically doing, and with proper guidance and supervision, I believe these valued employees can clean up the county’s junk and also accomplish all other critical duties.

I respectfully ask you to immediately reconsider your position on this issue and approve the county cleanup program for this spring.  To do otherwise condemns numerous tons of junk to the many sink holes and hollows of this county.  Please think about what a small cost this really is to keep our county clean.  I can think of no other issue that would more negatively affect your image to the average voter than if you do not vote to continue this program.



Sandy Carey