Readers Write: Reader wants to promote attendance at tax hearing

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

This is an important notice to Washington County tax payers.

The school board is asking for a general fund tax levy of 52.9 percent this year! This is 2 percent over the compensating increase of 50.9 percent.

Your only chance to voice your opposition to this additional increase is at the school board meeting Wednesday, Aug. 26 at Central Office, 120 Mackville Hill.

We have very little to say about the costs that affect us directly – but this is one area we do. Our children are no less educated for lack of this increase. But the economic strain it can place on the families can be quite harmful to the whole family unit! This one tax is paid on every service we have! And when you add to that all the personal and property tax, you’re talking a pretty penny. On maybe not as many pennies as Lebanon, Bardstown or Danville that they compare us with; but that’s apples and watermelons when you count the number of people involved. We can’t be expected to compete on a level playing field with counties twice and thrice our size, unless it’s a new math. And my accounting can’t juggle those numbers.

Last year I spoke with people about school supply lists they had. Please bring those and the cost to the meeting and we will try to get some answers.

Have your questions ready – and statements short to allow them to keep it brief.

If you have  kids in  school or not, this tax affects you as a Washington County tax payer. Come to hear, if not be heard!

Also, everyone should be aware that the Washington County Extension Office will hold a meeting Friday morning at 9 a.m. where they are seeking to raise their tax rate from 4.39 percent by an additional 4 percent.

Louise Reynolds

1993 Hickory Camp Road