Readers Write: Readers support candidates in special election

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Please accept this letter as my endorsement for Rep. Jimmy Higdon for State Senate.  I want to encourage everyone in Washington (part of the 54th House District which I represent,) Mercer, Taylor, Marion, and Nelson counties to go out on Dec. 8 and cast your vote for Jimmy Higdon. 

Jimmy and I went into the House at the same time (2003) and have served together ever since.  He is a good friend and a great representative.  He is a strong voice for pro-life issues, and he is also a fiscal conservative.  I have seen him vote against recent tax increases as well as vote against an effort to improve our legislative retirement.  He is a man of strong character, and I look forward to working with him when he is elected to the Senate to assist our mutual county of Washington County.

Thanks and God bless,

Representative Mike Harmon

Dear Editor,

I would like to encourage the people of Washington County to vote for and support Jodie Haydon in the upcoming special election being held on Dec. 8. I have known Jodie and his family for many years and I know his roots run deep throughout Central Kentucky.

As the former State Commissioner of Agriculture, I know and understand the rich agricultural heritage present in Senate District 14 and its importance to your community. With numerous tobacco, dairy and other farms, a beautiful landscape, and plentiful waterways, Senate District 14’s well-being is inherently tied to the land and values present in those farming areas. These values consist of many worthy principles but I believe some of the most important are hard work, moral fiber, family support and an unwavering determination. In Jodie’s prior work in the State Legislature he demonstrated time and time again his adherence to these principles and his commitment to the agriculture community in our state.

Jodie was one of the chief supporters of House Bill 611. Legislation that was passed in 2000 and succeeded in creating the state’s Agriculture Development Fund. This fund has been responsible for many of Kentucky’s agricultural diversification strategies and projects and provided the resources needed for the establishment of the Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation which provides affordable capital to beginning farmers and agribusiness throughout Kentucky.

Even after the passage of this legislation Jodie worked tirelessly to make sure that Central Kentucky benefited from the monies made available through the Agriculture Development Fund. As a result of these efforts, Washington County alone has received over $3.6 million dollars to support local agriculture projects, farms and businesses.

Please do not miss the opportunity to send Jodie Haydon back to the State Legislature so he can continue his work for the communities, families and individuals of Central Kentucky.


David Boswell

Dear Editor,

I’ve never publicly endorsed a candidate for political office before. However, if there was ever a candidate that deserved an endorsement, it’s Jodie Haydon. I know what Jodie stands for. I’m a retired teacher, having spent 27 years in the classrooms of Washington County. I am presently serving as President of the Washington County Retired Teachers. My husband Pat operates a trucking business along with farming.

It should not be surprising that I’m concerned about the future of education in our state. I’m also concerned about our economy and the need to return to prosperity. I want a place where graduates of our high schools, colleges and universities can find work that will provide an opportunity to stay in their home county.

Jodie’s commitment to these principles is sincere.

My first husband was Ronnie McIlvoy, another “Son of Bardstown”, even though he was from Washington County. Ronnie’s name is inscribed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. and on the granite memorial in front of the Washington County Courthouse. Ronnie lost his life 40 years ago, fighting in Vietnam alongside Jodie Haydon and the other men of the 138th Field Artillery.

That also is reason for me to endorse and vote for Jodie. I hope you will, too.

Good luck Jodie.

Elaine Mattingly



Dear Editor,

As a veteran I fought the war. There are many battles to fight each day, whether they be mental, physical or financial. I would like to take this opportunity to suggest or express my solution to these matters because I have known State Representative Jimmy Higdon for a long time and I know he will work to solve these problems, and if not, he knows how to get you that help.

Jimmy knows the health, education and welfare of all children, our future, should be number one. He knows there is a lot of waste and fraud. He knows your neighbor has lost his or her job. He knows seniors are losing more and more every day. He knows communities are missing out on a lot of help that is available.

Do the right thing on Dec. 8 and vote for Jimmy Higdon for State Senator.

A veteran,

Leon Miles

St. Francis, Ky.