Readers Write: Woman upset with treatment of U.S. Flag at local cemetery

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Where is our responsibility to respect our American Flag?

After Memorial Day weekend was over, and into the following week, I returned to the Willisburg community to get the American Flag I had taken down to my husband’s grave.

When I got there, there was nothing to be found of the flag! I called the number on the office door, and a man answered. I asked if he was over the cemetery and he said he was, “one of them!” I told him about the flag missing, and asked if one of the workers maybe had rolled it up and placed it in one of the buildings. He said no, and went on to let me know about a sign at the entrance that reads, “During mowing season and a week after Memorial Day, flowers and etc. should be removed.”

He said the grounds workers that mow had probably already cleaned and picked up stuff that would be in their way of mowing, and for me to go in the back of the cemetery where stuff is thrown on the ground into a pile and maybe “my flag” would be there in the garbage pile. I admittedly told him I had been through all the piles of garbage on the ground, and my flag was not there! I questioned him, “Why would anyone throw our American Flag to the ground?!” And especially be thrown among other garbage to probably be later burned? I told him that it didn’t matter if it was made of plastic, vinyl or cloth, large, medium or small. It was still our symbol of freedom, and the remembrance of all of the veterans who fought and died.

I told him how upset that made me of the disrespect, not only of my flag, but of other flags that were there in the garbage pile that day that I did see!

I’ve talked to several workers of other cemeteries. They tell me a new grave shouldn’t have to be mowed. I had everything, including the flag, placed right in front of his marker to keep it from being in anyone’s way.

To each and everyone that takes care of the Willisburg Cemetery I apologize I didn’t read the rules on your entrance sign when we came through that day to bury my husband April 24, 2009.

This flag is of no value to anyone, not even me! It’s memories of giving it to my husband 32 years ago when our first child was born is my value.

God only knows your heart.

A reward is offered for anyone with information and its return. Call Teresa Miller 859-613 4465. God Bless.

Teresa Miller,