Report flood losses to FSA

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By The Staff

The Farm Service Agency reminds livestock producers who suffered livestock losses due to the May 1 floods that they must report losses to the FSA office to be eligible for the Livestock Indemnity Program. (LIP)

LIP provides assistance to producers for livestock deaths that result from disaster. LIP compensates livestock owners and contract growers for livestock death losses in excess of normal mortality due to adverse weather, including losses due to hurricanes, floods, blizzards, disease, wildfires, extreme heat and extreme cold.

A producer has 30 days after the disaster event occurred or loss of the livestock is apparent to file a Notice of Loss with the County office. A Notice of Loss may be accepted either by telephone, fax, e-mail, or in person. To be eligible for LIP, a livestock producer must have owned the eligible livestock on the day the livestock died and the livestock must have been maintained for commercial use as part of a farming operation.

Applicants must provide adequate proof that the eligible livestock deaths occurred as a direct result of an eligible adverse weather event for which benefits are being requested. The quantity and kind of livestock that died as a direct result of the eligible disaster event may be documented by: purchase records, veterinarian records, bank or other loan documents, rendering truck receipts or certificates, Federal Emergency Management Agency records, National Guard records, written contracts, production records, records assembled for tax purposes, property tax records, private insurance documents and similar documents.

Contact your local FSA office for additional information.