Sansbury Care Center now offering rehab services

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By Geoff Hamill



The staff at the Sansbury Care Center has been looking after the needs of its residents for years. Now, the center is offering services that extend beyond its own walls, and into Washington and surrounding counties.
Laura Livers, occupational therapist and director of Sansbury Care Center Outpatient Rehab, said the facility received its license in August to provide outpatient services. Previously, the rehab center could only work with those within Sansbury.

“We’re now open to the community, as well as sisters from the mother house,” Livers said. “We can also see worker’s comp cases, and we accept a variety of insurance, as well as Medicare patients, and those who have Medicare and Medicaid.”
She said the center cannot accept patients whose sole coverage is from Medicaid.
“We’ve been able to treat a lot of the sisters at the mother house,” Livers added. “Now they can just come over here. They don’t have to travel to be treated.”
Livers said there have also been several members of the Washington County community visit the rehab center for treatment. Services offered include therapy for joint and back pain, sprains, tendonitis, and those who have had surgeries such as knee replacements, and those recovering from a stroke. The center also offers aquatic therapy in its indoor pool.
One patient, who is also a resident of the mother house, Sr. Joann Luttrell, OP, said she had problems with her walker, as well as trouble with her wrist. She is 75 years old, and is now a graduate of the rehabilitation center.
“I got my doctor’s permission to come and be assessed here,” she said. “They found that I was a severe falls risk. I was four times more likely to fall than an average adult. Now, I’m a small risk for falling. It took about four months, but I’ve gotten taller and straighter and stronger, and I have more energy.”
Two other residents who have benefited from the services are Dominican sisters, but also sisters by birth, Sr. Adrian Hofstetter, O.P., 91, and Sr. Margaret Hofstetter, O.P., 89. Sr. Adrian once served as waterfront director of a girl scout camp in Arkansas. Her younger sister, Sr. Margaret, served as principal at St. Dominic Elementary School, as well as being a former president of St. Catharine College, where she served from 1967 until 1975. Sr. Adrian said the new services offered by Sansbury Rehab have put a lot of smiles on faces within the mother house.
The staff at Sansbury Outpatient Rehab is made up of three full-time employees, including Livers. She is joined by physical therapist Tammy Brooks and physical therapist assistant Shana Baker. Livers said the staff also has other services available as needed, including a speech therapist.
For more information on the services offered by Sansbury Rehab, call (859) 336-3975.