SCC men ‘box’ out

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By The Staff

By Jimmie Earls


Sun Sports Writer

Usually, the St. Catharine mens’ basketball team is used to racking up lots of baskets on the hardwood. But last Thursday, the Patriots took time to stuff a different kind of basket - commodity baskets given out by Washington County Community Action.

Head coach J.T. Burton and his team braved the chilly weather to warm the hearts and tummies of those in need.

“We have 124 seniors in the county who receive a monthly box of commodities,” said Dana Kelty, director of the WCCA. “Each box is valued at around $60, and a lot of times, this helps supplement what they receive in food stamps. This month, we’re using the St. Catharine men’s basketball team to help load the boxes for the seniors. We also use some of the workers at the recycling center and Isaiah House.”

While many of the items the seniors receive are everyday items, there are a few things that some may not know what to do with, such as powdered milk. Laura Peek with the Washington County Extension Office offered up samples of hot chocolate made with the powdered milk.”

“I offer them recipes that help them utilize their boxes better and get the most nutritional value,” said Peek.

The Patriots were more than happy to help out those in need, and although SCC went on to beat WV Tech 60-58 later that night, what they did earlier in the day proved to be their greatest ‘assist’ of all.

To be eligible to receive commodities, one must meet income requirements and they must be at least 60 years old. For more information, contact Washington County Community Action at (859) 336-7766.