Seale is new theatre director

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By Nick Schrager

Central Kentucky Community Theatre has found its new director. 

According to a statement from the city of Springfield, Kentucky native Eric Seale was recently hired as the theatre’s artistic managing theatre director at the Opera House on Main Street.

Seale, of Lexington, will take on his new role effective Nov. 15. He had just finished summer work in Massachusetts as the graphics manager for the Williamstown Theatre Festival when he applied for the job.

“Being a native Kentuckian I am very passionate about art being made in Kentucky,” Seale said.

He has worked professionally in theatre for more than a decade and held many different roles in the business, including being the artistic director of the Actor’s Guild of Lexington.

“Theatre’s been my only job,” he said. “It’s not like I’ve got a day job … it’s been my full-time job for 11 years now.”

Looking back at his career, Seale said he was interested in theatre from a very early age. He participated in roles as a teenager before co-founding a small theatre group in Lexington. As he grew in the profession, he spent time in various departments including acting, marketing and public relations.

“That’s the thing, I’ve done a little bit of everything at this point,” Seale said. “And I enjoy all of it. The great thing about being a theatrical administrator is you still get to have your hands in all the little parts that you love, as well.”

Because he’s a Kentucky native, Seale has family in the area. His parents are from Campbellsville, and that connection has brought him through Springfield numerous times over the years.

“All my life I’ve been driving down (KY) 555 and going through Springfield,” Seale said, “and I was joking when I did my interview that, you know, Springfield was a landmark to me because it’s the first place I would see Ski and the place I would see Ski on the way back.”

Though he didn’t get a chance to stop here on those trips, he’s excited to get to know the people here.

“I think that’s the exciting thing to me,” Seale said, “is the idea of going somewhere new, getting to meet that community, learn about that community and then figure out how to best serve that community’s arts.”

For him, audience development is a passion.

“I love trying to get people to come to the theatre who maybe have never tried it,” Seale said, “or maybe they haven’t been in a long time because they think it’s not for them anymore.” 

But, while he’s passionate about audience development, Seale said he doesn’t see a problem with attendance at CKCT. Instead, he sees it as a successful theatre, and he’d like to find out more about people who don’t go.

“This is sort of a successful institution,” Seale said. “So if you haven’t been going, why aren’t you going? What would get you down there?”

He added he’s looking forward to getting started next week.

“I’m just excited to meet people,” Seale said. “I’m really looking forward to meeting the people who have been doing theatre there for a long time, the volunteers and the actors, and I hope very much one of the first things we’ll put together is some sort of meeting. Where I can just meet everybody.”