SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: 'Under the Lights'

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Dillon Milburn lives to feel the warm glow that Friday nights bring

John Overby
Sun Sports Writer

In his first year as a starter for the WC Commanders, Dillon Milburn has impressed.

It started with his first catch as a starting wide receiver against LaRue County, where he “ran a dude over.”

It then escalated when the WC defense was bending against Elizabethtown, and Milburn decided to make sure it wouldn’t break, making a crucial interception with the Commanders only down by a touchdown.

“When I was doing my backpedal, the quarterback was turned the other way, so I didn’t think he was going to throw it, but he turned real quick and let it go,” Milburn said. "I just broke on the ball and stayed in between the receiver and the ball so he didn’t have a chance to catch it.”

Milburn believes that this penchant for the “big play” is his greatest asset to the team.

“We needed the ball back, and I’ve always been one to make the big play, ya know, to help the team out,” Milburn said. “I got it and saw some running room. I tried to score, but someone got in my way. I tried to run him over, but we both just fell down.”

Milburn has been playing “the best sport, without a doubt” since he was in fifth grade.

He came into the game because most of his friends played, but he stayed for the adrenaline rush he got playing “under the lights.”

“I tried basketball, but it’s not for me,” Milburn said. “It’s not as fun as football. There’s definitely not as much hitting, and there’s not the same connection with your teammates.”

While he received some playing time last season, Head Coach Eric Sagrecy has really been impressed with Milburn’s improvement from year to year.

Sagrecy noted that Milburn has “worked extremely hard to get to where he is right now.”

“Dillon’s one of those guys that put his time in for three years to get his opportunity to start,” Sagrecy said.

It was Milburn’s work this offseason that especially stood out to Sagrecy and the rest of his coaching staff.

“This year, in the offseason, he really came along,” Sagrecy said. “He prides himself in the weight room, and that’s been important to his development. Each game, he gets better. He’s really starting to come into his own as a football player.”

All of that hard work culminated in Milburn’s first catch as a starting wide receiver, an 18-yard reception for a first down.

“It got me hyped, and my adrenaline was really rushing then,” Milburn said. “I didn’t want to mess up, but I kept my cool and did what I had to do.”

Off the football field, Milburn is a self-described “nice guy” who sees himself as someone that is easy to get along with, which has been a great benefit in the locker room.

“I just do what the coaches say,” Milburn said. “I’m coachable, and I just want to help the team out as much as I can. Listening to the coaches is the best way to do that.”

Sagrecy also credits Milburn as being “just a good kid overall.”

He believes that these types of players are the backbone of every good team, something that the WC Commanders will miss next year.

“He’s a good football player, but he’s also a kid that’s doing well in school and teachers have a lot of good things to say about him,” Sagrecy said. “Those are the guys that people draw inferences about your football team. They’re the kind of guys that you like to have out front representing your team.”

After graduation, Milburn plans to join a military branch or enroll in a technical school.

But his heart will still be in Washington County.

“And one last thing,” Milburn said. “Go Commanders.”