Sew This & That: Different strokes of sewing

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Marion Mulligan and Rita Yates

We have so much to share, so let’s get right down to the knitty gritty stuff!

Do you know that there are standard seam allowances for different  types of sewing?  Clothing construction uses five-eighths inch of a seam, home dec uses one-half inch of a seam and quilting uses one-quarter inch of a seam.  These can be assumed, unless the pattern or instructions state differently.

Accurate stitching is important for straight, flat seams in both garments and drapery.

Beautiful hand sewing is now almost a lost art, but it can be truly rewarding and gives a nice finish to whatever is being made and to the sewist’s great satisfaction.

Blind hemming is a wonderful application, which can be sewn by hand or on a sewing machine.  A special presser foot is used, and with a couple of folds, hemming pants or skirts can be completed in next to no time.

Our gadget this month

The Noble Thimble is made from various materials, such as leather, plastic and metal.  Some are decorative, too.  They are essential in pushing needles through tough fabrics, especially in quilting.

“The Simplicity of Bra Fitting”  is the name of our next Adult Class on Wednesday, Sept. 10 from 10 a.m. until noon at the Washington County Extension Office. We featured a similar class earlier this year, and the ladies were amazed at their different sizes and shapes.  So, again, all will be revealed. There is no charge. Come by for a full bra fitting and see for yourself how good you will look and feel.

Also, check online for a great tutorial to answer sewing questions, with visual aids and step-by-step instructions on everything imaginable. Sometimes, it can be cheaper to buy your fabrics or notions online and eBay will guarantee all purchases; most are shipped free of charge.

We recently purchased fabric sheets for a printer and paid half the price they were asking for at Wal-Mart. Plus, no tax or shipping. So, it pays to shop around online if you have time, and you can stay at home.

Our photo this month portrays a gorgeous navy  cotton sateen dress, swished at the waistline.  There were 24 layers of fabric in this area, and made our lady feel a little bit ‘poochy.’

So, what could we do?

This & That came to the rescue.

We clipped inside the waistline and up underneath. We reduced so much fabric from that waist area, it was amazing. Almost two ounces — that adds onto a lady’s weight. Now, you can’t be doing that to young ladies or us mature ladies.

The navy dress draped naturally and just perfectly after we finished grading. Then, a few little hand tucks under the pleats in the tummy area to lay flat; a good press and steam and “Bob’s your uncle” — the dress was made new.

One happy camper.   

Maybe  take a tape measure with you next time when buying clothes; it’s invaluable.  

Enjoy your sewing creations, and remember, you are the boss and designer of anything you desire.