Shop locally this holiday season

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By The Staff


We believe that shopping locally this holiday season (and year-round) is imperative to maintaining and growing the local economic landscape.

Springfield officials were adamant at the last city council meeting about the buy local campaign going on county-wide.
Here is a little bit of information they presented:
- Money spent local stays local.
- Local business owners have a vested interest in the community. They live, work and pay taxes here. Local business owners care deeply about the well being of the community, the vibrancy of downtown and the health of local schools.
- Shopping locally reduces energy consumption.
- Local businesses support charitable causes and community arts.
- And, according to the information from the city, if the 4,463 households in Washington County committed to spending an additional $1,000 locally, it would generate $4.4 million in additional revenue.
- Finally, according to the city, 68 percent of that figure ($3.03 million) would stay in the local economy.
Many of us have heard that money spent local turns over seven or eight times. Let’s make a group effort at testing that theory.
A good chance to buy local is coming up on Nov. 24 during the third-annual Small Business Saturday.
Small Business Saturday is a national event that falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, giving local businesses a chance to compete with retail stores for holiday dollars.
We encourage shoppers to buy what they can locally, not just around Christmas, but year-round.
There are many options for buying local food, gifts and every day supplies.
Please help support our local businesses. These people are our friends and neighbors.
Their businesses are what help make Springfield and Washington County unique.
Happy shopping!