Should Washington County build a new high school?

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Nick Schrager
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The Washington County School Board will hold a meeting Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 5:30 p.m. for public comment on a new high school. Do you think a new school should be built?

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New High School

The more money that government doles out the more the local politicians try to divvy it up for their little projects one and all , unions included . Buildings do not teach our children to read and write . Learning can be attained in a barn if the child has an inquisitive imagination and a teacher to provide the common sense that goes along with that learning . New schools are a commodity today in this society of ours and the education of our children , although the amount of money spent on each child , has become one of the most expensive costs in the world . Still our children have constantly been below other countries in math , science and other valuable subjects that these kids need to make it in today`s technological world . Until we hold these teachers accountable for what they claim to teach and what students learn then why does a new building hold the key to the next Einstein . Unions will still control a new school just like the old and our children will once again be the victim . Parents more than anyone need to take a stand and say " no more " . New schools are not the answer .