Snake problem found, solved at middle school

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By Geoff Hamill

If you ask people what they fear, many will say snakes.  Several staff members at Washington County Middle School will give you the same answer, and with good reason.

The school has had some uninvited visitors lately as some small snakes have made their way into the school.

The snakes were discovered recently in the middle school’s resource room, where items such as clothing are stored when donated to the school. That’s how officials believe the snakes entered the school.

Ray Kelty, director of maintenance for Washington County Schools, said Monday that he believes the snakes may have been in some bags of donated clothing, then made their way into the school where they were discovered by some staff members.  The nervousness is still around the middle school for some staff members, but according to Kelty, the snakes are not. He said no more snakes have been seen at the school since the original incident, and to make sure, an exterminator has been called to service the school.

“We didn’t believe there was any type of serious problem,” Kelty said.

Superintendent of Washington County Schools Robin Cochran agreed, and said she has seen the occassional snake get into a school building while she was principal at North Washington, but stressed that despite the unwelcome visitors, there is no serious snake problem.