Snow days extend school calendar

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By Nick Schrager

Whether you’re a student or a teacher, almost everyone loves a snow day. But after a while, those snow days come with a price.

Washington County students have missed seven days of school due to snow this school year, and Washington County Director of Pupil Personnel Chad Willis said even with those days, the local school system is still in pretty good shape.

“We’ve missed seven days, but we had two banked days, so we only have to make up five of those snow days,” Willis said. “I don’t think that’s too bad for us. We’re in pretty good shape.”

Being in good shape means getting out of school early, and Willis said the final day of classes in Washington County will be Thursday, May 27 barring any more snow days. Willis said every missed day will have to be made up, but currently, there will be no impact on the county’s spring break, which is scheduled for April 5-9. Before there would be an affect on the spring break calendar, Willis said the county would have to have four more snow days, making the total 11 missed days.

St. Dominic, a local parochial school, operates on the same schedule as the county school system when it comes to taking snow days, but due to a different yearly school calendar, the last day for St. Dominic students will be Tuesday, May 25, according to principal Pam Breunig.

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