Springfield carries surplus into fiscal year 2011-12

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By Jesse Osbourne

The city budget is off to a better start in the new fiscal year.
The city began the 2010-11 fiscal year with $62,005.22, and went under budget by $49,348.63 in the same fiscal year.
In FY 2011-12, Springfield started with a balance of $111,353.85. The city began the 2009-10 fiscal year with a balance of $131,497.04.
“Springfield ended its fiscal year with a surplus, thanks to the mayor and council’s diligence in seeing that new policies and procedures were carried through,” city administrator Laurie Smith said. “Insisting that the city did not raise taxes, the only resort left was to cut expenditures, which they did ‘across the board.’ The city is just learning to cut every corner possible, while maintaining service to our citizens. We are fortunate to have elected leaders that were proactive.”
The new fiscal year began on July 1.

Farmer’s Market security cameras
A new security camera system installed at the Farmer’s Market pavilion downtown has already made an impact.
Springfield Police Chief Jim Smith said the system is wireless and allows the police officers to watch and record activity over the ethernet.
Smith told the council that the cameras had already worked. A picnic table was recently broken at the pavilion and police were able to see it happen on video and catch the person who did it.
In other police news, Smith announced that Adrian Lewis, Jr. had been hired as an officer to replace outgoing officer Nathan Phillips.

Additional asphalt
The city voted to resurface more streets than originally planned.
Parts of Cardinal Drive, Mocking Bird Drive, Canary Court, Bob-O-Link, High Street, Melavin Circle, Riley Court and Depot Street were already resurfaced. The council voted to resurface additional streets.

Strategic planning

Lisa Haydon and Brooke Coulter have volunteered to represent the city on a new subcommittee with the county.
According to Smith’s administration report, the city and county may form a sub-committee to discuss long-term goals for the community. The sub-committee would be comprised of two city council members, two county magistrates, the county-judge executive and the mayor.