Springfield Green Festival is this Saturday

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By Dennis Morgeson

Some of you may not have heard, but I, along with New Pioneers For A Sustainable Future, have been working for a couple months planning the first ever Springfield Green Festival.

This Saturday, April 26, 2014, at the Farmers Market at the Depot from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. you can get your fill of all things green.  

Our green market will have vendors selling locally grown, sourced, produced and soon-to-be consumed products such as vegetable and flower plants, seeds, produce, meats, jams, jellies, trees, shrubs, flowers, cosmetics, deodorants, alpaca products, soaps, wines, baked goods, furniture and, well, you get the picture.

We are also going to have green and sustainable demonstrations including solar cooking, beekeeping, composting, spinning, home-energy saving, geothermal and knitting, just to name a few.

The Washington County Cattleman’s Association is cooking locally produced beef, and New Pioneers is selling local wine and beer by the glass or container.

There will be kid’s activities as well including 4-H pony rides, face painting, and children’s program by The Washington County Public Library, rock painting, and much more.

Finally, there will be live local music all day, and you can even take a test drive in a brand new hybrid Toyota Prius. Come on out for at least part of the day to make Springfield’s Green Festival the premier festival in the state on sustainability.

Last week, we had a hard freeze, which is pretty late for us, and many of our plants suffered, especially fruit crops; however I don’t think we had a total loss.

Initially, I thought we would have near 100 percent loss of tree fruit crops, but it is really going to be cultivar and species-specific.

Those varieties and species, such as apples and cherries, may have a pretty decent crop as well as the more cold-hardy species such as blueberries.  

Grapes weren’t really budded out much so will be fine but peaches and plums may not have much fruit this year.

With the temperatures they predicted last week of around 24 degrees, I was worried about perennials such as peonies and lilies but they sustained very little damage.

I don’t know how cold it actually got, but by the lack of damage it might have not gotten down passed 28 degrees.

I, for one, am happy.

Also, the same weather people that gave out the freeze a week in advance are saying heads up for at least another frost or two before we get to Derby Day, so don’t plant frost-sensitive plants too soon or you may be covering or replanting.

Happy gardening!